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(n) An earthenware vessel.
(n) A broken bit of earthenware.
(n) Slang Foolish talk; nonsense: That story is simply a crock.
(v) To soil with or as though with crock.
(v) To disable; wreck. Often used with up.
(v) To earth by contact, much like soot, or aided by the coloring matter of poorly dyed cloth.
(v) To give off soot or color.
(v) to be weak or disabled. Often used in combination with up.
(v) To give down crock or smut.
(v) to-break something or injure somebody.
(v) To transfer color through scratching from a single product to another.
(v) To cover the strain holes of a planter with stones or comparable material, so that you can guarantee proper drainage.
To lay up in a crock: because, to crock butter.
To black with soot or other matter gathered from burning; by expansion, to soil in every similar method, particularly by connection with imperfectly dyed fabric: since, to crock your fingers.
To give down crock, smut, or shade: as, stockings warranted to not crock.

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Bullshit, nonsense, something that is a lie. But crock is certainly not frequently used as an interjection just like the above words are. Crock is quickly becoming obtained as a retort for proverbs or expressions particularly; "you certainly can do anything you put your thoughts to," or, "never place any eggs in a single basket.Crock could also be used to spell it out a phony or false thing or someone who is a sham. by JamilaReport definition
1. nonsence, hogwash, bilge, absolute bull, a waste of time and/or money, a sham. It really is bogus - completely. Occasionally known as a "crock of crap" or a "crock of shit".2. a container, eg a pot or kettle. This kind of vessel can be utilized for cooking or cleansing or concocting or blending.3. manufacturer for a particular form of electric cooking pot that may prepare tasty dishes for during the day while you are occupied along with other things. Only stir the food up every once in a bit. Flexibility and technology collectively! by Thea WinbushReport definition
a thing that will not occur. "bullshit"when put in a particular location, it can be utilized to signify imaginary or improbable situations. by NikoleReport definition
brief for "crock of bullshit." by LarryReport definition

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  • Sentence for "crock"
  • Synonym for "crock"
    • soot, smut, nonsense, balderdash, humbug
  • Verb Forms for "crock"
    • crocked, crocking, crocks
  • Phrases for "crock"
    • crock pot, Mad crock, crock energy, a crock, the crock
  • Rhyme for "crock"
    • Bach, Bangkok, Bloch, Block, Brock
  • Hypernym for "crock"
    • jar, c, carbon, atomic number 6, hokum
  • Form for "crock"
    • crocked, crocking, crockery, crock haircut, crockpot
  • Same Context for "crock"
    • ewer, jug, platter, tankard, keg
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