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(n) An atom or a group of atoms which have acquired a net electric fee by gaining or dropping one or more electrons.
(n) An atom or band of atoms bearing a power fee for instance the salt and chlorine atoms in a salt solution.
(n) an atom or selection of atoms (radical) carrying an electrical fee. Its compared with simple atoms or molecules, and free-radicals. Specific compounds, including sodium chloride, are comprised of complementary ions in solid (crystalline) along with solution. Other people, notably acids such as for example hydrogen chloride, may possibly occur as neutral particles in the pure liquid or gas types, and ionize nearly totally in dilute aqueous solutions. In solutions (as in water) ions are often bound non-covalently with the particles of solvent, plus in that instance tend to be reported to be solvated. According to the electrolytic dissociation principle, the particles of electrolytes tend to be divided in to ions by water and other solvents. An ion is made from a number of atoms and holds one unit fees of electrical energy, 3.4 x 10-10 electrostatic units, or a multiple with this. Those which are favorably electrified (hydrogen and also the metals) are called cations; bad ions (hydroxyl and acid atoms or teams) are called anions.

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an atom that lost or attained one or more electrons and has become electrically recharged because of this. by Dave DibenedettoReport definition

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An acronym for in other news, used to suddenly segue into a new subject in identical post. Much more funny uses, it can 'ironically' segue into anything actually strongly related into first subject. Compare BTW. by Idella WhippleReport definition
An ion is a molecule with a confident or unfavorable charge. by CristiReport definition
a phrase referring to a lady whoever look can range from excellent seeking to downright unsightly. As a result, men cannot classify such women on a scale of 1-10 as the woman ranking is incredibly volatile. Thus, their particular attractiveness is simplified to another scale with this rare group of ladies that is marked by a +1 for looking great during the time or -1 for looking bad on a celebration, ergo the term ion. by DinahReport definition
Ion; the Internation Order of Ninjas. The Internation Order of Ninjas is a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of ninjas world-wide. They help with the exploration for the "Theorial Plain" which all ninjas must abide being get the skills necesary for actual, mental, and most importantly, spiritual control this one will need to have to live as a ninja. by Meaghan GregoReport definition
A word for idiots who don't understand how to, and for some explanation do not want to, explain "i don't", making on their own seem like morons. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
Brett Gill's favorite term. This term is used by illiterate individuals who are to lazy to use proper grammar. Keyword equals "I don't" by NamReport definition
Ion is used as an alternative for "I do not". This is often found particularly on twitter. by Pok CuadraReport definition

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