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It took Huxley a full two decades to respond to his friend's adjustment of his term agnostic, but when he did respond he tried to put Spencer right on at least one key point about the risks of mythologizing the unknowable, of turning it into a kind of negative Absolute.

To those who've forgotten that the man who coined the term agnostic was also Darwin's self-appointed "bulldog," fiercely defending his work and discovery against the jibes of a derisive, behind-the-times Church of England, it's worth remembering that Huxley in turn criticized Spencer for not only making agnosticism require a static, permanent doubt, but also for failing to underline some of the worst social consequences of religion.

Considering his substantial differences with Spencer, why didn't Huxley do more to intervene over what he saw as misuse of the term agnostic?

The term agnostic talks about the existence of God being unknown or unknowable.

Instead, like many other agnostics at the time -- including Leslie Stephen, George Eliot, Herbert Spencer, Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley who coined the term agnostic three decades earlier, in 1869 -- he thought belief should rest on evidence, not faith, but also that evidence itself was in some key instances wanting.

I don't prefer the term agnostic because agnosticism is often used as a weak term that means I'm not sure if the guy with the beard on the cloud exists or doesn't exist.

I am in that sense an empiricist who objects to the metaphysical position Huxley who first coined the term agnostic proposed in his definition of agnosticism.

In fact while Thomas Huxley was the person who coined the term agnostic it was Stephen who popularized it.

The use of the term agnostic means that a vast majority of climatologists think that there is something out there, they just don’t know what it is.

She misunderstood the term agnostic, and it’s meaning.

I dont care enough to believe therfore i am not wrong.

Just because people have different religious beliefs than that of yourself (agnostic, atheist, muslim, christian) gives you no right to make them feel terrible.

Most agnostics are open-minded people, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Christian Zealot: God loves you and everyone. He will save you Agnostic: Prove it. Athiest: There is no way that a god can exist. Agnostic: Prove it.

He used to be Jewish, but after taking a philosophy course he became agnostic. She calls herself an agnostic instead of atheist, because she finds them disagreeable.

Agnostics believe you can neither prove, nor disprove the existence of god.

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