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Sentence with the word adhere

Even when the pace quickened with the stress of the music the gestures still continued to be restrained and hieratic, only when, one by one, the performers detached themselves from the round and knelt before us for the _peseta_ it is customary to press on their foreheads, did one see, by the moisture which made the coin adhere, how quick and violent their movements had been.

Before we being, I would like to remind you that some of the comments made on the call adhere prepared remarks and response to your questions may contain forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the Safe Harbor provisions of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

Hereby is the template that I think the superdelegates should adhere, that is they should vote as “independents” and for the candidate that represents the “base” of the party.

Pro tip: Don't worry about involving yourself in the difference between hertz and bits; even complex technical terms adhere to the logical tendency that more is better.

Nakheel has a $3. 5bn convertible sukuk - essentially a convertible bond whose terms adhere to Islamic lending practices - that will reach maturity on December 14.

We all kind of adhere to the same general rule, says Mike Woodard, principal at Superior Hills Elementary School.

Nice sentiment, but that trust will continually be violated as long as companies merely "adhere" to values rather than actually believe in the values they spend so much time and money convincing us they have, if they have them at all.

Content serve as eyeball flytraps in which sites can 'adhere' advertisements adhere as in "Your Ad Here".

Chinese Communist party leaders will deal only with opposition parties in Taiwan that "adhere" to the "one China principle" and oppose Taiwan's defense spending.

Had his natural endowments been even of the higher and nobler order of such as adhere to virtue, even in the lap of prosperity, and in the bosom of temptation, he might have lived and died a pattern of the nobility of France, to be classed, in aftertimes, with the Turennes and the Montausiers of the age of

"We all kind of adhere to the same general rule," says Mike Woodard, principal at Superior Hills Elementary School.

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader director Barbara Zaun in one of the statements said that all the cheerleaders in the team "adhere" by the same guidelines and

The "adhere" IRS2012 is an exciting development for weight critical applications, e.g. in aerospace or autosport and is potentially of great significance for mainstream automotive systems and even railway systems where it is increasingly recognized that weight saving leads to fuel savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

The anthropogenic roots of global warming are clear to Prince Albert of Monaco, who told the Reuters summit he didn't "adhere" to Palin's skeptical view.

Why are these same people so worried about the plot to make us all 'adhere' to Christian doctrine

"adhere" to the surface of the phone if more than an extremely light touch is used.

"adhere" IRS2012 is not only very light on account of its advanced fillers, but is also very RF transmissive and is effectively transparent to radio signals, with excellent electrical properties, low cure shrinkage, good chemical resistance and good mechanical properties - highly suitable in fact for potting of aerials and related equipment.

A consequence of this is that proximate CNTs are attracted towards the microbubble and appear to "adhere" to the bubble surface. "

While Episcopal services generally adhere to a standard liturgical structure as laid out in the Book of Common Prayer, the experience of worship can vary significantly from church to church and even from service to service within a parish.

As noted above, while not all Latinos are Catholics many adhere to an evangelical brand of Protestantism, roughly two thirds are.10 This rise in Latinos constitutes the second Catholic story.

you must adhere to the law or you will be fined.

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    • stick, cleave, attach, hold, cling
  • Antonym for "adhere"
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