louse definition

  • noun:
    • some of many tiny, flat-bodied, wingless biting or sucking pests of this orders Mallophaga or Anoplura, some of which tend to be external parasites on numerous animals, including humans.
    • Slang A mean or despicable person.
    • A small parasitic wingless insect for the order Phthiraptera.
    • A contemptible person; one who has recently taken an action considered deceitful or indirectly harmful.
    • anyone of various species of small, wingless, suctorial, parasitic pests belonging to a tribe (Pediculina), today often viewed as degraded Hemiptera. To the group belong regarding the lice of guy as well as other mammals. See Crab louse, puppy louse, Cattle louse, etc., under crab, puppy, etc.
    • Any one of several tiny mandibulate bugs, mostly parasitic on birds, and feeding in the feathers. They have been referred to as Mallophaga, or bird lice, though some happen from the locks of mammals. They normally are considered to be degraded Pseudoneuroptera. See Mallophaga.
    • anyone of many species of aphids, or plant lice. See Aphid.
    • Any tiny crustacean parasitic on fishes. See Branchiura, and Ichthvophthira.
    • An insect or any other small arthropod (as a crustacean) that infests various other animals or plants, or an animal resembling these types of parasites: a name for an excellent variety of small animals.
    • Bird-lice tend to be parasitic bugs, of a number of hundred types, various genera, and lots of households, which some writers range because of the foregoing when you look at the purchase Hemiptera, but the majority invest the Pseudoneuroptera. These are typically referred to as order or superfamily Mallophaga. They have mandibulate or biting mouth-parts, are wingless, as well as extremely adjustable kinds. These are generally by no means confined to wild birds, but infest mammals besides; nearly every kind of bird and beast is infested by these creatures, occasionally a number of species to 1 number, plus in these types of multitudes concerning canse disease and demise. Of the, such as infest domestic quadrupeds and birds belong to the genera Trichodectes, Docophorus, Nirmus, Goniocotes, Goniodes, Lipeurus, Trinotum, Colpopocephalum, Menopon, and Gyropus.
    • The beaver harbors an amazing louse, Platypsyllus castoris, a degraded clavicorn beetle, therefore strange as to have been made sort of an order, Achreioptera.
    • bugs have actually their lice. These types of will be the bee-lice, or pupiparous dipterous insects of this family members Braulidæ, purchase Diptera; many for the lice of bats are similar dipterous insects, though wingless, of family Nycteribiidæ. Bees, wasps, etc., are also infested by particular tiny parasitic heteromerous beetles in the shape of lice, such as the wingless larvæ of Meloidæ, a species that has been named Pediculus melittæ, together with whole family Stylopidæ. Insects afflicted with the latter are reported to be stylopized. None regarding the foregoing lice tend to be aquatic.
    • Fishes, marine mammals. crustaceans, etc., are infested by a great variety of small degraded crustaceans, collectively generally fish-lice or Ichthyophthira. These participate in a class or order Epizoa or Siphonostoma, or Lernæoidea; various tend to be cirripeds, as Rhizocephala. Whale-lice are Cyamidæ. Carpice tend to be Argulidæ.
    • Wood-lice will be the terrestrial isopods associated with family Oniscidæ, also referred to as slaters, sow-bugs, etc. They Are maybe not parasites, but some associated with the aquatic isopods tend to be fish-lice, as Cymothoidæ.
    • Plants tend to be infested by multitudes of little plant-sucking hemipters, known as plant-lice, and previously collectively called Phytophthiria: as aphids, Aphididæ, several of that are also called gall-lice; the psyllids, Psyllidæ, labeled as flea-lice and jumping plant-lice; and scale-insects or Coccidæ, a number of which are also referred to as bark-lice.
    • Book-lice are pseudoneuropterous bugs of family Psocidæ, different types of which, as those associated with genera Atropos and Clothilla, injure books.
    • particular mites or acarids are sometimes called lice, as harvest-ticks, known as red-lice, the itch-mite or itch-louse, etc. For further information, begin to see the compounded words, and also the technical names.
    • any one of several little bugs especially aphids that feed by sucking the drinks from flowers
    • a person who has actually an awful or unethical character undeserving of respect
    • wingless pest with mouth parts adapted for biting; mainly parasitic on birds
    • wingless often flattened bloodsucking pest parasitic on warm-blooded animals
  • verb-transitive:
    • Slang To bungle: loused the task; louse-up a deal.
    • to completely clean from lice.
  • verb:
    • to get rid of lice from the human anatomy of someone or pet; to delouse.
  • others:
    • to wash from lice.
    • A Middle English variant of loose.

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