concentration definition

  • noun:
    • The act or process of focusing, especially the fixing of close, undivided attention.
    • The condition of being concentrated.
    • something which has-been concentrated.
    • Chemistry the total amount of a specified compound in a unit level of another material.
    • The proportion of a substance in a mixture.
    • The act, process or capability of focusing; the entire process of getting concentrated, or even the state of being concentrated.
    • A field or length of research by which one focuses, specially as a student in a college or institution.
    • The work or procedure for focusing; the process of getting focused, or the condition to be focused; concentration.
    • The work or procedure for reducing the volume of a liquid, as by evaporation.
    • The work or procedure of eliminating the gown of ore and of reducing the valuable part to smaller compass, as by currents of air or water.
    • The work of concentrating.
    • The act of collecting or combining into or just around a central point; the work of directing or applying to one object; hawaii to be brought from several or all instructions to a common point or center, or into one size or group: because, the focus of soldiers in one single spot; the concentration of your energies.
    • especially, the voluntary constant way of idea upon an object; close interest.
    • In chem., the work of enhancing the energy of fluids by volatilizing section of their water. The problem to be focused must, therefore, be less easily evaporated than water, as sulphuric and phosphoric acids, solutions of alkalis, etc.
    • In metallurgy, the split associated with the metalliferous and important portions associated with the contents of a vein, or mineral deposit of any kind, through the gangue. Bringing the ore into the correct condition of purity the smelter is typically known as dressing, but sometimes the phrase focus is employed in this sense.
    • In characteristics, the excess of the value of any volume at any part of space over its mean value within an infinitesimal sphere described about that point as a center, this excess being divided by one tenth associated with square of this radius of this world. Here is the just like the bad regarding the outcome of operating with Laplace's operator upon the quantity. The concentration associated with the possible of gravity is proportional to the thickness of this gravitating matter in the point considered.
    • In biology, especially, the inclination in descendants to-ward the inheritance of characters at early in the day phases of growth compared to those which these types of figures first-made their appearance in the ancestors of any offered show.
    • focus is: The reduction of amount by the procedure of concentrating, as by the evaporation of water from a remedy, and/or removal of gangue from an ore.
    • The strength of a remedy as increased by focusing it so when depending on the level of some dissolved material within confirmed volume of the solution.
    • the potency of an answer as with regards to the number of some material mixed in certain level of the answer, simply, and regardless of any process of concentrating it: it may be calculated in portion, or by specific gravity regarding the option.
    • the sheer number of gram-atoms or gram-equivalents or gram-molecules regarding the dissolved compound, due to the fact instance can be, which are contained in product amount of the solution. The unit volume is often the liter, but sometimes the cubic centimeter. A solution containing one gram-molecule, etc., in the liter is known as a normal answer; plus one containing one tenth of a grammolecule, etc., into the liter is named a decinormal solution, often written 0.1 typical, or option.
    • The number of gram-atoms, gram-equivalents, etc., included in the device amount, although not in answer, like in case of fumes or vapors. In Herbart's pedagogic system, just like absorption 2.
    • total attention; intense mental effort
    • strengthening the concentration (at the time of a solute in a mix) by detatching diluting material
    • great and constant diligence and interest
    • the strength of an answer; quantity of molecules of a substance in confirmed amount
    • rise in density
    • the spatial residential property to be crowded collectively
    • combining army causes

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