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co definition

  • noun:
    • business
    • A prefix of Latin origin, the usual form, before a vowel or h, of com- (the m in Latin being weak), meaning ‘together’ or ‘with.’ See com-.
    • In geometry, a prefix, as in co-sine, co-secant, co-tangent, etc., meaning sine, secant, tangent, etc., of the complement.
    • An abbreviation of company: as, Smith, Brown & Co.;
    • of county: as, Orange Co., nyc.
    • The substance symbolization for cobalt.
    • person who will not offer in armed forces on grounds of conscience
    • a tough ferromagnetic silver-white bivalent or trivalent metallic element; a trace take into account plant and pet nourishment
    • a situation in west-central united states of america in the Rocky Mountains
    • an odorless extremely toxic gas that's a product of partial burning of carbon
  • pronoun:
    • they (singular). Gender-neutral topic pronoun, coordinate with gendered pronouns he and she.
    • all of them (singular). Gender-neutral item pronoun, coordinate with gendered pronouns him along with her.
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