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    • A unit of electric energy inside meter-kilogram-second system.…
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ampere definition

  • noun:
    • A unit of electric energy inside meter-kilogram-second system. It is the regular present that after streaming in straight synchronous cables of limitless size and minimal cross-section, separated by a distance of just one meter in free space, creates a force between the wires of 2 × 10-7 newtons per meter of length.
    • A unit into the Global System specified as one Global coulomb per 2nd and equal to 0.999835 ampere. See Table at dimension.
    • A unit of electrical present, the standard base unit within the Global System of products. Abbreviation: amp, logo: A
    • The unit used in measuring the strength of an electric present. This is the existing which moves through a conductor whose opposition is the one ohm, and between the two finishes that the machine distinction of potentials, one volt, is maintained.
    • an old device of household current (slightly smaller than the SI ampere)
    • the essential product of electric current used beneath the Systeme Global d'Unites
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