What is the Definition of Learning?

Explore the definition of learning, its types, processes, and examples. Discover how online learning is transforming education. Learning is a lifelong journey!

Understanding Learning

Learning is a complex process that involves acquiring new knowledge, skills, behaviors, or attitudes through various means. It is a fundamental part of human development and occurs throughout our lives in formal and informal settings.

Types of Learning

  • 1. Formal Learning: This type of learning takes place in structured environments like schools, colleges, and training programs.
  • 2. Informal Learning: Informal learning occurs spontaneously through interactions with our surroundings, experiences, and observations.
  • 3. Non-formal Learning: Non-formal learning is organized but not necessarily structured, such as workshops, seminars, or online courses.

The Process of Learning

Learning involves several stages, including attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation. It is influenced by factors like prior knowledge, environment, and cognitive abilities.

Examples of Learning

1. Learning to ride a bike: This involves acquiring a new skill through practice and feedback.

2. Learning a new language: This requires studying vocabulary, grammar rules, and practicing speaking with native speakers.

Case Study: Online Learning

According to a study by the Babson Survey Research Group, over 6.3 million students in the U.S. took at least one online course in 2016. Online learning has become a popular mode of education due to its flexibility and accessibility.


Learning is a continuous process that shapes our knowledge, skills, and behaviors. It involves acquiring new information, adapting to changes, and expanding our understanding of the world around us.

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