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an individual tends to make Dr. Zoidberg's trademark noise result away from context to get individuals to pay attention to all of them. by JohnieReport definition
The action of awkwardly going through a crowded location which makes a sound and the body movement much like Dr. Zoidberg by JoseReport definition
The act of walking to somebody (ideally a woman or big guy), holding both hands like claws and pinching their particular hard nipples. Next is carried out the individual then must scuttle away while shouting 'wobobobobob' alá Futurama's Dr. Zoidberg. by Terrence MaddixReport definition
whenever a male features a threesome with two ladies, and through the work of foreplay inserts every one of their thumbs into a respective vagina, and all sorts of four fingers of every hand to the corresponding butt opening. He then lifts the ladies in to the environment, scuttles backwards and forwards, pinches his hand available and close like a crab, and yells "whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop!" by Michele FellerReport definition
After getting a critical sunburn, taking off your clothing and running sideways across a room with great speed which makes rediculous noises. by LonReport definition
The work of scuttling sideways like Dr Zoidberg which makes a Whoopwhoopwhoopwhooopwhoop sound, or perhaps the work of eating in how of Dr Zoidberg. by GilmaReport definition
When you go upon a lady and pull your hand as much as your mouth to make a zoidberg like face and you also wiggle your hands around really quickly in her all which makes the zoidberg whoop. by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
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