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(p) Eye dialect spelling of you.
(i) Yeah, yes.
(i) Go. (Spoken to ponies and cattle.)
(a) yea; yes
(a) Yea.
(n) In chem., the designation initially provided by Marignac in 1880 towards the material now-known as gadolinium, its oxid having already been obtained, with that yttrium as well as other components of equivalent team, from samarskite of vermont.
(n) a vintage spelling of yea.
A dialectal type of you.

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appropriate: replacement "you"Unacceptable: Replacement for "yeah" the very first definition is correct, because "ya" is exactly how a lot of people pronounce "you" in a laid-back conversation.But utilizing it as "yeah" is incorrect and stupid, because nobody in real life pronounces yeah like "ya". The sole people who type it like that are people under 25 that trying to be cool and participate in the rest of the e-buddies and Myspace losers.A significant all of them result in the excuse it's much easier to form "ya" than "yeah". Yeah right. It's just their means of hiding the fact that they're attempting to be cool and easily fit in on whatever board/forum they're publishing on.At least such things as "orly" and "kthx" are funny......"ya" is certainly not. It's just dumb.By the way, expect all my votes to-be unfavorable, simply because they're all angry that i am right.P.S. go read a novel in place of wasting time browsing the internet or playing video games......you might find out something. by Erika ErlerReport definition
you by RodolfoReport definition
YOU.Urban Dictionary by Dortha RaoReport definition
1) Yes. An affirmative reaction.2) You. The next individual single pronoun. by Kelley KikerReport definition
Abbreviated kind of "you" on paper and in address. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
A word many koreans used to ensure you get your interest or even to get angry at you. The more Ya's you get in one sentence intensifies how furious they are at you by FranceneReport definition
1) A shortened version of "yeah", popular online in forums and email. 2) A slang version of you by Dorethea KrickReport definition

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    • ya abandone, ya workin, ya doin, ya goin, ya tu
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