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(n) The 24th letter of this modern English alphabet.
(n) Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter x.
(n) The 24th in a series.
(v) To mark or sign with an X.
(v) To delete, cancel, or obliterate with a series of X's. Usually combined with out.
The symbolization for abscissa.
X, the twenty-fourth letter of English alphabet, has actually three noises; a compound nonvocal sound (that ks), such as wax; a compound singing sound (compared to gz), as with instance; and, at the beginning of a word, a straightforward singing noise (that z), as with xanthic. See Guide to Pronunciation, §§ 217, 270, 271.
The substance expression of xenon.
(a) being one more than nine

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(cheifly British)In the UK, 'X' is commonly used at the end of a message to represent kisses. Similar to 'Xs and Os' (kisses and hugs) in North America, however 'X' can be and is often used by people of varying familiarity (platonic friendships, siblings, crushes, dating, married, etc.) Usually more Xs means more familiarity. Xs can be seen used between two people of the same sex without being regarded as homosexual. by Dannie ShahidReport definition
1) The twenty-fourth (24th) and antepenultimate letter for the English alphabet.X may indicate it is not restricted to your next:2) The Roman numeral for Ten (10)3) A variable, usually present in mathematics disciplines4) A slang term for the medication MDMA also referred to as ecstasy.5) A "kiss" when used after a letter or other communication. by Pok CuadraReport definition
The 24th page associated with alphabet or perhaps the letter between W and Y by Beulah PettisReport definition
Something that mathematics is definitely is searching for. But we can't say for sure "y". by RandyReport definition
It marks the spot. by CesarReport definition
Slang term for medication Ecstacy. Also known as e and XTC by TeodoroReport definition

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