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somehing slut associated. by DevonaReport definition
English. noun. A philosophy or approah your wherein the average person, typically a young woman, advocates a sexually promiscuous way of life. by IoneReport definition
"Whoreism" could be the viewpoint or lifestyle which advocates promiscuity and/or manipulation of this opposite sex to be able to advance one's agenda (such as for example content gain). Some contemporary pop music movie stars tend to be said to be practioners of "Whoreism". by ArnoldoReport definition
When women in well-known culture (facebook, twitter, etc) promote a sexually promiscuous way of life, often through open statements revealing their particular sexuality. by Rocco AndresReport definition
its what you would phone the condition if when a lady messes with another woman's husband if some body stated there clearly was an ailment for something similar to that. by Danae VanallenReport definition
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