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(n) A shapeshifter who can change between pet and personal kind.

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The original myth behind a werecat is a person who is produced with pointed ears, this type of person beleived is descendants from theaincent elven blood range. This elven people tend to be produced with heightened sensory faculties and great acrobatic abilities, just like a cat. Unlike the werewolf, these animals can learn to change types at any moment, but start out just having the ability to alter when they feel there life is threatened or even the lifetime of someone dearest in their mind is threatened. In most cases the person is unaware of there abillity to shapeshift and during there first shapeshifting experience beleive cap they had blacked out while defending by themselves and regained conciouness later. There are not any real way to inform a werecat from a normal individual aside from indeed there pointed ears, and occaionally they might have sharpened tiny fangs notably like a vampire. When they have discovered to regulate here anillity it is often claimed they may be able turn into normal kitties at will, and turn into wild feral kitties. A physical descrition of a werecat with its cat man type: huge feline pointed ears, human anatomy covered in cat-like fur, high body including around 8-9 foot tall, frequently hunched over seeming becoming smaller than they truly are, feline iris and students, small short whiskers, enhanced energy, extremely increased sensory faculties and agillity. Just like the werewolf they have increased attributes, often weaker than a werewolf, but much faster and nimble and greater senses of vibration, hearing and an all-natural 6th good sense. by Helene InouyeReport definition

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