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an object without function, often a discarded little bit of food or a useless element from some larger set up of items. by Cecil OlberdingReport definition
Wanny is typically accustomed explain an attractive feminine. by MelanyReport definition
to try out an initial individual shooter game(codmw2) in a crazy way just utilising the knife/melee whilst screaming german profanities! by Manual JusticeReport definition
becoming a pussy/whiney/wimpy. Often used for males, but just isn't gender specific by HankReport definition
A fanny wedgie by PatriciaReport definition
Wanny = Fanny = Cunt.usually familiar with insult other individuals for doing one thing stupid or even for simply becoming a cunt.also could be used to describe such a thing irritating or stupid. by MelanyReport definition
When someone is whining about whatever doesn't go their particular method. Somebody who complains or just notices the negatives in a situation. by Enedina GamacheReport definition
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