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(v) to keep or rest in hope: waiting for the guests to-arrive. See Synonyms at stay1.
(v) To tarry until another captures up.
(v) To remain or perhaps in ability: meal waiting up for grabs.
(v) to keep or remain in hope of; await: wait a person's change.
(v) Informal To hesitate (a meal or an event); postpone: They waited meal for all of us.
(v) is a waiter or waitress at: wait tables.
(n) The act of waiting or the time spent waiting.
(n) Chiefly British among a team of artists employed, generally by a city, to play in parades or community ceremonies.
(n) Chiefly British One of a group of musicians or carolers whom perform in streets at Christmastime.
(p) on To provide the requirements of; maintain attendance on.
(p) on to create a formal call on; visit.
(p) on to follow along with consequently; rely on.
(v) To wait movement or activity until the arrival or event of; to await. (Now generally speaking superseded by "wait for".)
(v) To postpone movement or activity until some event or time; to remain overlooked or perhaps in preparedness.
(v) to attend tables; to offer consumers in a restaurant or any other eating institution.
to look at; be from the watch; lie in delay; watch out.
To look forward to one thing; take expectation: usually with for.
To stay or sleep in persistence or expectation; stay in a situation of quiescence or inaction, as till the arrival of some individual or event, or till the correct minute or favorable opportunity for action: often with for.

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some thing a journalism teacher states incessantly because she sucks at teaching and she will barely stroll because she's a fat bathtub of lard by NelsonReport definition
utilize it before a phrase to exclaim surprise and redirection of a train of thought. Try this a maximum of weekly and it can include useful focus to your communication attempts.Or, put it to use prior to each various other phrase as the brand-new love. In this way it will almost nothing, but will drive old folks peanuts making you appear to be a real possibility program super celebrity. by Lashawna PierpontReport definition
be worried about it tomorrow by Wynona StalzerReport definition
another term found in host to the term sike that implies the previous statement was untrue or made in sarcasm. by Derek PresseyReport definition

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    • watch, observe, stay, await, accompany
  • Verb Forms for "wait"
    • waited, waiting, waits
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    • wait till, Wait wait, Can't wait, can wait, to wait
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    • Ate, Cate, Est, Fate, Haight
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    • stick around, bushwhack, stand-by, ambush, cool one's heels
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    • inactivity, work
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    • attend, to lay wait, to wait attendance, to wait on, to lie in wait
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    • to wait upon
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    • watch, wake
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    • try, ride, walk, go, stay
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