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(a) prone to alter or differ; susceptible to variation; changeable.
(a) Inconstant; fickle.
(a) Biology looking after deviate, as from a standard or recognized type; aberrant.
(n) a thing that differs or is vulnerable to difference.
(n) Astronomy A variable star.
(n) Mathematics a volume capable of assuming any of a set of values.
Apt to transform; changing or altering in a physical good sense; liable to transform; changeable.
In botany and zoology, embracing many people and teams (varieties, subspecies, kinds, says) which depart somewhat from the strict kind: stated of a species or, in a similar feeling, of some specific personality.
prone to vary or change, in a moral good sense; mutable; fickle; inconstant: as, variable emotions.

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somebody who encounters extreme variants of his cleverness. by CristiReport definition
1. An unknown quantity in a math equation.2. A named region of memory in some type of computer system. by LacyReport definition

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A variable, when you look at the framework of programming, is a symbolic title given to an unknown amount that enables title to be used independent of the information it signifies. Variables tend to be connected with information storage places, and values of a variable are typically altered throughout program execution. Variables represent all kinds of information, including booleans, brands, integers, arrays, photos, sounds, scalars, strings, or any item or class of things with respect to the program writing language that aids all of them. The symbolic names of factors tend to be replaced utilizing the actual information place by compilers and interpreters. Information in places modifications during execution while areas and names tend to be fixed. by Elmira TorbertReport definition

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    • inconstant, versatile, unsteady, wavering, mutable
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    • variable annuities, variable incubation, variable interest, variable periods, widely variable
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    • invariable
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    • independent variable, short-period variable, variable screw, variable star, variable nebula
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    • adaptable, varied, unsettled, versatile, uncertain
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    • variability, variableness, independent variable, free variable, continuous variable
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    • parameter, input, data, specific, factor
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