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(n) casual vacuum pressure solution.
(n) A vacation.
(n) A vacuum cleaner.
(v) To vacuum; to completely clean with vacuum pressure cleanser.

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Valve Anti-CheatTechnology utilized in Steam games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike etc. to quit cheaters and hackers. Whoever cheats will straight away be prohibited from all machines operating VAC. by LarryReport definition
1. A time-saving term for "vacuuming" with a vacuum cleaner.2. A science fiction term for jettisoning a person or thing into the vacuum of room from a spacecraft or station. by Eva ValerioReport definition
Some think it really is cheesey dance music, other individuals believe it's bad energy noise, some believe it's the smartest thing since sliced bread.If you have not heard significantly more than about 3 Velvet Acid Christ albums, then chances are you are reallyn't capable of assess.There are lots of designs discovered right here, including professional, goth, electro, noise, psy-trance and "odd techno", if you are an admirer of any person like Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy or just wish to find something different, Velvet Acid Christ is not becoming missed. by Idella WhippleReport definition
Acronym for EBM musician Velvet Acid Christ. by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
Abbriviation for VacationUsually observed in a functional environment by means of e-mail. Its widely used to inform a small grouping of people if some one is going to be far from work. by FerneReport definition
Valve Anti-Cheat. Basically, it's a program which like a virus scanner limited to hacks, when they identify hacks on server joins and whatnot, you're going to be banned in just a few days, hours, or months.Players who have been banned constantly claim they don't cheat, or their bro or buddy place the hacks on, fundamentally trying to get it out. There have only already been less than 10 men and women really unbanned from VAC prior to. Anybody who is banned will simply be prohibited from VAC safe machines, but can still play on unsecured ones. Every game that uses VAC are inaccessible (you defintely won't be in a position to use VAC secure hosts).It's frequently criticized as a way to earn money from Valve to get a unique account and games. Accounts which have been banned payed to thousands on games before, but over 1 hack they loose all.often times VAC is not updated to your newest cheats, personal hacks remain, and they are more difficult to detect.VAC has actually undoubtedly busted numerous cheaters, however however get by. by LashellReport definition

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    • dry vac
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    • holiday, vacation
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    • commonmode, gewerbeschule, diplo, strangling, band-pass
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