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(n) A small pulpy or delicious fruit containing a number of seeds and achieving a thin epidermis, such as a grape.

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Otherwise known as "where fun goes to die", UVA is a major university full of the most arrogant assholes that you will ever meet. UVA students are also somewhat confused about certain college aspects. For instance, NORMAL people do not wear sundresses/pearls/ties to any sort of event other than a funeral, graduation, a party at the country club, or a ride on daddy's yacht. This ESPECIALLY means sporting events, i.e. football games. Secondly, UVA students do not seem to understand that a student who is in their first year of college is a Freshman, NOT a first-year. You are not in England, so don't act like it. In addition, UVA students seem to think that thier founder, Thomas Jefferson, is the greatest person ever born. The students can't seem to understand the fact that no one cares about this except for them. As far as sports are concerned, UVA has teams that are good at what they do. They are. Yes, some years they are better and worse than "other" teams, but the fact is, most of the time all of their sports teams are formidable opponents. The fact is, the students that do not go to UVA do so because they don't want to be surrounded by the assholes that embody UVA. by TariReport definition
A top tier college in Charlottesville Virginia. Started by president Thomas Jefferson in 1819. The institution is typically filled with two types of folks. The folks that made all A's in highschool and really should check-out this college (minority). Other school is filled with daddy's little girls and preppy faggots who didnt do shit in high-school and possess moms and dads who donated a big amount of cash toward school and so got acknowledged because duh the college would like to make more money of daddy. Its very easy to inform the differnce between your two groups also from 100 yards away. The individuals the thing is that walking around in connections, sundresses and pearls would be the pupils which purchased their particular way directly into college, note these students put on these cloths because why wouldnt you put on that when your first car had been a brand new mercades along with endless using your parents platnuim cards? the next group would be the pupils you won't ever see mainly because are the students that worked their asses off to check-out college right here and are trying to maintain the right A's. It really is a damn pity that no one seems to comprehend the the main reason UVA is a great school is because of these pupils are tend to be making directly A's are jacking-up the average for the college. by Leighann GalvezReport definition
UVA, where we’re a lot better than you and we believe we understand it. UVA is really the biggest collection of douchebags you will definitely ever before see within one spot. UVA pupils love to continuously tell everybody else just what college each goes to and generally act like complete assholes to whoever doesn’t go to their little bit of shit college. Approved, UVA is a well curved school but it’s much less specialized as some other schools. Virginia Tech is way better for engineering, architecture, etc. whereas William and Mary is a well respected liberal-arts school. Virginia Tech actually caries the best average starting salary for students than any other college in Virginia. If prestige could be the just consider determining your college, than its obviously better to visit an Ivy league school. If you’re wanting a school that’s actually fun to attend then UVA just blows, without concern. UVA loves to call itself an event college, that I imagine is true when you have an excellent flavor for wine coolers. UVA also claims is the most truly effective college in Virginia in terms in athletics. Let’s be truthful though, it's in contrast to People in america give a flying fuck about soccer or lacrosse (excuse me to anybody who plays football or lacrosse it’s just the truth). UVA is awful at activities that folks do worry about (soccer, baseball, etc.) but obviously they didn’t simply take that into account.The personality of UVA is shockingly is similar to Buzz Killington (from Family Guy) . Consider it, he’s snobby, annoying, no one really likes him. by Idella WhippleReport definition
a college full of ultimate, spoiled, pompous assholes, who never worked each day in their life, which make reference to dead prez Thomas J. as "TJ" and phone him their finest friend, and who swear every person who'sn't at their university regrets not-being there. by Sherrill WhittemoreReport definition
in which somebody goes whether they have a really tiny penis but wish replace it by bragging about what college they went along to. Though usually the average UVA student can't consider any explanation to attend UVA other than scholastic ranking and because Thomas Jefferson founded it. No matter just how unsightly the university is, just how weird the pupil body is, or just how lame the celebration scene can be as long as "TJ" founded it. But folks only hate UVA because they're just jealous ...right? by Claudio BeamerReport definition
A school in main Virginia that is soft by MarilynnReport definition
A University in Virginia that students attend being brag on a site on how good their particular college is. They typically try this to keep up their particular overinflated views of by themselves while they sit-in their apartment sipping on an excellent glass of chardonnay, merlot, or Zima, because they have simply finished their particular 60 minutes of homework for the day.Students of this false-Ivy League college enjoy the finer things in life, eg residing off their parents' credit cards, operating expensive cars their moms and dads bought them, likely to supper events with rigid dress codes, and wearing suits and bowties to activities which can be usually viewed by followers using comfortable, utilitarian clothes including tees, sweatshirts, and jeans.additionally, they boost Thomas Jefferson to an exalted amount unseen by even avowed Libertarians, and insist on phoning their particular competing school "Va-Tech," despite no body else in the field, not even "Va-Tech" pupils, referring to the college by that name. by Cassie HaranReport definition

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