What does urlacher mean?

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1. undersized2. soft 3. wimp4. pansy by CristiReport definition
1. appropriate noun. #54 center Linebacker the Chicago Bears who can tear any player apart2. adj. beast3. verb. the work of smashing an inanimate object on floor followed closely by saying, "Urlacha'". Popularized by Kevin in 2003. by Tess FrithReport definition
Noun 1. Your ex within the team just who cockblocks you merely whenever you think you are likely to score. She actually is generally huge and mean and perhaps bald. See in addition mama hen. by AnjelicaReport definition
1. To strike or collide suddenly, noisily, and violently. 2. to-break suddenly into pieces, as from a violent blow or collision.3. Is crushed or damaged.4. To go broke. by NelsonReport definition
A very, very, large feminine with a broad, linebacker butt!! by Valeria SantosReport definition
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