What does twitterbation mean?

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1. To follow yourself regarding the network site 'Twitter'This phrase is coined by BellaFlan, probably the most awesomest FanFic blogger ever before by PatrickReport definition
Nudge your self on twitter!e.g. nudge Urbandictionary by DemarcusReport definition
Twitterbation (noun) An act of social masturbation for which one retweets trivial @replies directed toward one's self that provide no evident advantage to at least one's personal status.Accounts for approximately 98% of articles on twitter.com.Related kinds:twitt-er-bate - to engage in twitterbationtwitt-er-ba-tor - person who engages in incessant twitterbationtwitt-er-ba-to-ry - a twitter post that presents might characteristics of twitterbation by Dannie ShahidReport definition
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