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land for the bums, alcoholics, armos, beaners,and obviously the retarded people who take shits close to our home.I HATE TUJUNGA.WTF DOES TUJUNGA MEAN ANYWAYS?????? by JoseReport definition
a historical Samoan war challenge. It is completed by striking each side of one's chest aided by the opposite hand, then shouting, in a deep, war-like voice "TUJUNGA!" The performer associated with challenge must look the opponent right when you look at the eyes while doing it. by AureliaReport definition
The crappiest place on earth. (Not counting Indio). Undoubtedly you can find locations where definitely pull, & Tujunga is obviously among top 5 suckiest of all time. In my opinion, Tujunga sucks therefore carefully that I don't believe any person could previously exaggerate the colossal ceaseless immensity of this suckage in any way! Dyson vacuums, tornados, hurricanes, interplanetary area, super-massive black holes, your mom, hell,... EVERYTHING manages to lose suction quickly whenever assessed against Tujunga.Tujunga is undeniably "Omnivacuous": all- sucking.which is the reason why the Meteorological community today universally accepts as reality, that it is windy in Glendale, La Crescenta, La Canada, Montrose, Pasadena, Sunland, Shadow Hills, Lake View Terrace, & also sporadically Arleta, Pacoima, & elements of the Santa Clarita Valley, due to the fact Tujunga SUCKS!!i can not I can't i cannot state that I really have actually evidence, but I wouldn't be the the very least little bit astonished if "Tujunga" is very early 1900's regional slang indicating "to pull beyond peoples understanding, for all time, because." ...or maybe it really is an old term from a long forgotten local tongue definition "place to which all winds blow"individuals say the only 2 things that can reliably be counted in tend to be demise & fees,.... INCORRECT! You will find 3 items that tend to be eternal: demise, fees, & the unassailable proven fact that Tujunga sucks!! by Karina KrampReport definition
Tujunga may be the land of hillbillies, rejects, raised trucks, and bros. Everybody knows both. If you don't escape from this city, you may fundamentally come to be a toothless tweeker. All homeless those who walk down Foothill Blvd. night and day look like the individuals from Hills get Eyes. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
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