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TSI, which signifies Traumatic rest Injury, is an ancronym explaining getting out of bed with an unknown injury that occured while one sleeps or is passed away out. by Cleora WoodReport definition
virtually any DSM vehicle produced by eagle or plymouth or mitsubishi containing a turbocharger or all wheel drive combination... may be a turbo front wheel drive or turbo all wheel drive arranged, this will be seen from the EAGLE TALON TSI (210 bhp), PLYMOUTH LASER TSI (190 bhp), MITSUBISH ECLIPSE GSX, GS-T, (240 bhp, made from 1989-1999 by Wynell SaltzReport definition
a string designation utilized on Chrysler vehicles to denote a particular sporting nature. The acronym, according to resources within Chrysler Corp it self, signifies Touring Sport injection. Cars with this particular factory designation were regarded as being Chrysler company's many sporting of every particular model. TSi designs introduced in the usa included the Chrysler Conquest, Eagle Talon, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Eagle Vision, and most recently the Chrysler Sebring TSi.Some declare that the "T" character within the acronym signifies "Turbo" or "Turbocharged". While Chrysler does not reject or verify this, it must be noted that out of all the TSi models released, only two had been really fitted with factory turbochargers, those being the Conquest and Talon. Whilst the personality "i" in this show does are a symbol of "injection", it should be noted that these vehicles were gas inserted, and the "i" character shows an increased performance value through some type of additional engine tuning, be it electric, forced induction, or larger displacement. by EldridgeReport definition
TSi, which stands for Turbo Sport intercooled is an acronym on the Chrysler Conquest TSi, Eagle Talon TSi as well as the Eagle Vision TSi.Used to point the presence of trim level loaded with an intercooled turbocharged motor. (Except Vision)Verb: an easy action or movement, produced by TSi enthusiasts. by MelanyReport definition

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thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin. by Debroah NeissReport definition
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