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(v) to behave or behave in a specified fashion toward.
(v) To regard and deal with in a particular means. Frequently used in combination with because: treated the matter as a tale.
(v) To deal with in writing or address; reveal: a book that treats every aspect of medical care.
(v) To deal with an interest or subject on paper or message. Frequently combined with of: The essay treats of courtly love.
(v) to fund another's activity, food, or beverage.
(v) To Take Part In negotiations, on reach money or acknowledge terms: "Both edges none the less can be prepared to treat with [the king]” ( Gregory J. Wallance).
(n) Something, particularly an individual's meals or activity, which purchased by some other person.
(n) A source of a unique delight or pleasure: His journey abroad had been a real treat.
(n) An entertainment, outing, or other indulgence supplied by some body the pleasure of other individuals.
In electrical energy, in generating of glow-lamps, to layer (the filament) with a deposited layer of carbon.
To behave to or toward; conduct an individual's self in a certain way pertaining to; usage.
To discuss; discourse of; consider.
(v) provide with choice or numerous food or drink
(v) communicate in a specific method
(v) take part in negotiations in order to achieve an understanding

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To insult some body poorly by EmanuelReport definition
A delectible taste sensation, such as a cupcake. Usually in reference to another person. by NelsonReport definition
an over exasperated feeling of greatness/goodTreating - the work of a goody by Nella DerossettReport definition
A extremely fine member of the alternative intercourse by Celina BraswellReport definition

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    • negotiate, settle, entreat, beseech, discourse
  • Verb Forms for "treat"
    • treated, treating, treats
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    • treat Attention, to treat, treat Ala'a, treat non-Christians, tasty treat
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    • cup, iodize, dispense, psychoanalyse, iodise
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    • negociate, occurrent, happening, occurrence, natural event
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    • pleasure, dutchman's treat, to stand treat
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    • diversion, dessert, entertainment, feast, snack
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