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To fuck in the anal area. by DaneReport definition
1.) (verb) consuming way too much vodka, moving recklessly to the Horrors after which vomitting within the nearest bathroom, sink (bathroom or kitchen area) and/or bath tub.2.) (verb) selecting never to attend an event which is frequently considered "lame" later on on3.) (noun) a dance popularised by Kitty Monroe during the Sneakers renaissance of 2008. Actions consist of fixing your fringe, arms in pouches and displaying faux (DJ) blending abilities.4.) (noun) a new male urbanite, usually for the thin, white pursuasion. Apparel generally required contains (but is not limited to) winkle-pickers, thin jeans, ironically special tees/shirts that barely fit and a hairstyle that screams "everyday brilliance".5.) (noun) a period of embarrassing silence while DJ'ing6.) (verb) searching exceedingly in mirrors7.) (verb) (in Starcraft) destroying an opponent's primary with a group of multi-commanded, over-zealous zealots (must certanly be before destroying any frameworks) by Debroah NeissReport definition
to win three right sets 6-0 (bagels) during a tennis competition (e.g. Marrickville Saturday Afternoon Comp) by Wynell SaltzReport definition
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