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A playa; one which has its own hos by Alease MeunierReport definition
Thundercat: the youngest people in a group by Yessenia MitraReport definition
A younger man for an older woman to have sexual relations with.FOR A YOUNG STUD TO BUST THAT BACK OUT! by Cynthia PressReport definition
Thundercats was an American animated tv show manufactured by Rankin/Bass. It aired 1985-1990 & then had a run on cable television's Cartoon Network 1997-2002. Thundercats had been a race of cat-like humans, each called according to which kind of pet it represented: Liono ended up being lion-like, Cheetarah was cheetah-like, Pumara ended up being puma-like, etc... They were from a planet known as "Thundera" that has been destroyed. Just a handfull of their race survived & travelled to a different earth they called "brand new Thundera", nonetheless it was also sparsely inhabited by half pet, half man creatures like beastman, monkeyman, hyenaman, etc... The thundercats arch nemesis however, had been an evil humanoid mummy known as "Mum-ra". Their catch-phrase had been "Thundercats, HO!" by Terrence MaddixReport definition
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