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(n) any one of many pale-colored, frequently soft-bodied personal bugs of order Isoptera that stay mainly in warm areas and many species of which feed on lumber, often destroying trees and wood frameworks. Also called white ant.
(n) A white bodied, wood-consuming insect of epifamily Termitoidae, purchase Blattodea.
(n) anybody of various species of pseudoneoropterous pests owned by Termes and allied genera; -- called in addition white ant. See Illust. of white ant.

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Any Girl Who may have The Certain Craving For "Wood" by ShirleyReport definition
an individual from your own past just who abruptly comes out of the woodwork when you have any sort of fame, success, large increase of cash, etc.Usually an ex, someone you'd a fling with, and/or someone who turned you down for a romantic date. by Dusty KohenReport definition
1.A term for outlying bad / destitute individuals who see trees or lumber inside lawn, and beg the privilege to do anything you didn't want done.2.A non-professional sketchwad whom appears at your property and will be offering to cut-up downed trees.3. Unemployed laborer just who pushes around looking for wood and change it into meals. by SamuelReport definition
A dusty, dirty searching 2 legged creature that stands regarding corner in most city in America wanting to keep in touch with every girl that strolls by. by Sol JermanReport definition
1.Term accustomed explain the ungodly disquiet, psychological and physical associated with the outcomes of perhaps not thoroughly cleaning your baloon knot; additionally due to being overambitious while cleaning your your tar star leading to the irritation of a roid2.residue from a shart leading to discomfort of this dark star3. a terd that gnaws at your anus wall4. see in addition peanut, splinter by Sonja SevierReport definition
A name for people or thing that ruins a boner or "wood". An illustration could possibly be whenever your milling with a superb lady in a night club, and her torn boyfriend walks in on the acion. by Ka DeansReport definition

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    • reticulitermes flanipes, mastotermes electrodominicus, dry-wood termite, mastotermes electromexicus, reticulitermes lucifugus
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    • neoteinic termite
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    • cockroach, earthworm, grasshopper, locust, ant
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    • white ant
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