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(v) to find yourself in one's ownership by power, ability, or artifice, specifically:
(v) to fully capture literally; seize: just take an enemy fortress.
(v) To seize with expert; confiscate.
(v) to get possession.
(v) to interact or mesh; capture, as gears or other mechanical parts.
(v) To start growing; root or germinate: Have the seeds taken?
(n) The work or procedure of using.
(n) That which is taken.
(n) A quantity gathered in the past, particularly the number of profit or receipts taken on a company arrangement or endeavor.
(p) take after to follow along with for example.
(p) take after To look like to look at, temperament, or personality.
(p) take apart To divide into components after disassembling.
(i) regarding the simply take Informal Taking or wanting to simply take bribes or illegal income: "There were policemen regarding the take” ( Scott Turow).
(i) just take a bath Informal To experience severe financial loss: "Small investors just who latched onto hot brand new dilemmas took a bath in Wall Street” ( Paul A. Samuelson).
(i) simply take account of to consider.
(v) To grasp with all the arms.
(v) To grab and go on to yourself.
(v) To get into your possession.

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  • Synonym for "take"
    • taken, capture, seize, attack, captivate
  • Antonym for "take"
    • give, bring
  • Verb Forms for "take"
    • taken, takes, taking, took
  • Phrases for "take"
    • to take, take care, take a, take advantage, We'll take
  • Rhyme for "take"
    • Ache, Blake, Drake, Haik, Jake
  • Hyponym for "take"
    • hand, usher, lead astray, misdirect, show
  • Hypernym for "take"
    • get, become, go, be, cover
  • Cross Reference for "take"
    • go, stick, works, appropriate, withdraw
  • Equivalent for "take"
    • to take fire, to take ground to the left, magazine
  • Same Context for "take"
    • go, make, give, know, find
  • Variant for "take"
    • took, taken
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