What does take a dump mean?

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(v) To defecate.

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The phrase you teach your 4 yr old grandson to say as he must inform his mama he should have a bowel action. The grandson is given to recognize that the term must certanly be spoken loudly in public areas. by Augusta TristanReport definition
the ultimate way to shed. by Dannie ShahidReport definition
It is a well known iPhone app created by Samir for Apple iPhone shop by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
1. To defacate2. To own a bowel motion, often a large one, as a dump is symbolic of large volumes by Jacque ClevelandReport definition
1) to take a massive shit, especially in just how of a "power dump" in which the excrement quickly and powerfully leaves your anus2) When a device or electric stops working or breaks, for no particular explanation. Also called "shat the bed"3) An exclamation often employed by individuals when they need tell a person to "fuck down" but are too afraid. Usually used by young ones and teens. The phrase dump is enunciated in a long way, in order to be spelled duuuummmmppppp!!! by LeopoldoReport definition
(variants: crap, squat, poop, or shit may change dump)to defecate by Exie GardReport definition
To hump up and shit. To possess a bowel movement (BM), specially gratifying each morning. by BreannReport definition

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