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(n) The posterior element of an animal, specially when elongated and expanding beyond the trunk area or primary part of the body.
(n) The bottom, rear, or hindmost part: the end of a shirt.
(n) the trunk end of a wagon or other car.
(a) Of or concerning a tail or tails: tail feathers.
(a) Situated in the tail, since an airplane: a tail gunner.
(a) Law becoming in end: a tail property.
(v) to present with a tail: end a kite.
(v) To rob of a tail; dock.
(v) To act as the tail of: The Santa Claus float tailed the parade.
(v) to be lengthened or spaced whenever moving in a line: The patrol tailed out in pairs.
(v) Architecture is inserted at one end into a wall, as a floor timber or beam.
(v) Informal to check out: tailed following the leader.
(p) tail down To ease a heavy load straight down a steep pitch.
(p) off To diminish gradually; dwindle or subside: The fireworks tailed off into darkness.
(v) To surreptitiously follow and observe.
(v) To hold by the end; said of a timber when it rests upon a wall or other support; with in or into
(v) To swing with the stern in a certain way; stated of a vessel at anchor.
To provide with a tail or form with a tail, or anything called a tail; fix a tail to: as, to tail a kite or a salmon-fly.
To join or link as a tail; fix in a line or perhaps in continuation.
to eliminate the end or end of; free from any projection: as, to tail gooseberries.

tail in Community Dictionary

a woman's butt, a woman's virgina, a female looked upon as a sex object. by LourieReport definition

tail in Medical Dictionary

1. A slender appendage, like the tail of pancreas. 2. The appendage that protrudes from the buttocks of creatures. People can seem to have a tail due to the existence of supernumerary segments of the coccyx. by Leland FeitReport definition

tail in Sports Dictionary

The squared end of a ski. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
The back third of a surfboard. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
the rear end of a snowboard. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
back-end of board. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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