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(n) A strip of leather, paper, material, or plastic attached with anything or hung from a wearer's throat to determine, classify, or label: sale tags on all coats and outfits.
(n) The plastic or metal tip at the end of a shoelace.
(n) The contrastingly coloured tip of an animal's end.
(v) To label, determine, or recognize with or as though with a tag: we tagged him as a loser. See Synonyms at mark1.
(v) to place a ticket on (an auto) for a traffic or parking infraction.
(v) To charge with a crime: The suspect had been tagged for arson.
(v) To follow after; accompany: tagged after me every where; insisted on tagging along.
(v) to check out closely, because it were an appendage; -- often with immediately following.
(p) label up Baseball to come back to and touch a base with one foot before working to the next base after a fielder has caught a fly ball.
(v) To label (some thing).
(v) To mark (one thing) with one’s tag.
(v) to eliminate dung tags from a sheep.
To furnish with a tag of any sort; fix or append a tag or tags to.
To mark by or on a tag; designate or direct through a marked label.
To fasten or join on by or like by way of tags; tack on, particularly in the sense of incorporating some thing superfluous or undesirable.

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Tag; an individual trademark, typically vandalism with spraypaint, but could be any graffitti.Tag's can take moments, or can use numerous colors. Two-color tags are often throw ups, may contains block or bubble lettering.bombs Are tri color, while piecingpiecepieces will always of the upper many complexit. Very large, great using colors, where they're going to appear to blend collectively, or bleed, and burn. by Sol JermanReport definition
a well known online game played by kids in which one youngster, who's the tagger or perhaps is It attempts to touch another child, making them It, also referred to as it. by Cleora WoodReport definition
A writer's special signature with ink or a spraypaint can. by AlainaReport definition
An acronym for Thick Asian Girl(s).(positive connotation)*Copyright xstevoe 2009 by Sabrina AmmannReport definition

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