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(n) A sweet, chewy candy of molasses or brown sugar boiled until extremely dense and then pulled with the fingers or by device before candy is shiny and holds its form.
(n) Casual Flattery.
(n) A soft, chewy candy made of boiled molasses or brown sugar.
to offer taffy to; prevail upon by means of flattery: as, he had been taffied into producing.

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A hot chick with a fantastic rack and a fantastic butt by DevonaReport definition
becoming tight af fuck and which makes it even better by Dane AlgarinReport definition
A derogetory term for someone from Wales. Actually, the derivation for this word can be follows (from racial slur database): "The Taff may be the title regarding the lake that works through Cardiff, the capital of Wales. In addition from a poem that starts: "Taffy had been a Welshman, Taffy was a thief...." Another explanation usually Taffy is founded on an English pronuciation of this common Welsh first-name, "Daffyd" (David)." by JohnieReport definition
n. A stretch. A joke or term that pushes the restrictions of being appropriate and/or funny. by Avelina LonginoReport definition
1. (pejorative) a Welshman2. alprazolam, a benzodiazapine drug (from brand tafil) by LeopoldoReport definition
your pet dog built like a pit bull with the nerves of a chiuaua. by Enedina GamacheReport definition
Taffy is an acronym which means some thing is truly cool or awesome. Your message originates from the word "Tits As Fuck, Yo". If some thing is cool, it can be called "the boobs" or "cool as fuck". This term combines the two, and becomes "Tits As Fuck, Yo", or Taffy. by Lindsey CocklinReport definition

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  • Sentence for "taffy"
  • Synonym for "taffy"
    • flattery
  • Phrases for "taffy"
    • taffy fantastic
  • Rhyme for "taffy"
    • Daffy, chaffy
  • Hyponym for "taffy"
    • molasses taffy
  • Hypernym for "taffy"
    • candy, confect
  • Same Context for "taffy"
    • circumfluous, crud, infusorial, unaudited, rashly
  • Variant for "taffy"
    • toffy
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