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(n) A Korean art of self-defense; a method of karate.
(n) a Korean martial-art like karate
(p) alternate spelling of taekwondo.

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Tae - To hit using the footKwon - To destroy using the fistDo - The art / way of...The Korean art of kicking and punching - which may kick your arse. by JoseReport definition
A Korean martial-art that requires lots of kicking.Tae = methods to jump, kick or smash with the foot.Kwon = methods to punch or destroy utilizing the hand or fist.Do = implies art, method or method.In short Tae Kwon Do indicates leg, give, Method. by BuddyReport definition
Tae- to kick or destroy with the footKwon- to strike with all the fistDo- art or way of theIn 1945 whenever Korea had been liberated many seperate marital arts schools formed. General Choi Hong Hello (considered the father of Tae Kwon Do) started his own teaching a variety of Taekyon and Karate (therefore explaining TKD's similiarity to Karate). Other schools taught this style but labeled as it different brands until 1955 when Choi Hong Hello provided title Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do encompasses different styles of fighting styles and it is typically the most popular Korean martial art and even their national sport.BTW, I'm a 3rd level black belt and a Tae Kwon Do trainer, therefore while my understanding of the annals might be just a little off, i understand enough to say that anybody who claims Tae Kwon Do is useless is obviously a retarded douche case. In addition, I'm 17 and work out $6.50 and hour, therefore I'm demonstrably not training TKD to "leech all cash away" by RandyReport definition
A great martial art for several centuries, features many some ideas from other types of martial arts. Additionally it is the official Olympic recreation. It is main focus is on kicks, and you will findn't various sorts of punches or punch combos that you understand. And anyone who said that it is the weakest martial art ever before, I would like to fulfill you so I can prove you wrong. by Yessenia MitraReport definition
the skill of throwing major arse to you fingers and legs a.k.a TKD by Demetra BrandenburgReport definition

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Tae kwon do started in Korea. The word comprises of three parts, tae (the base), kwon (the fist), and do (how) - how of foot and fist. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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