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(n) The equipment found in a certain activity, especially in fishing; gear.
(n) Nautical a method of ropes and obstructs for raising and lowering loads of rigging and pulleys for applying stress.
(n) A rope as well as its pulley.
(v) To grab your hands on and wrestle with (an opponent).
(v) Sports to quit (an opponent carrying the ball), specifically by forcing the adversary to the surface.
(v) Sports To impair (a player because of the basketball) in order to trigger loss in ownership associated with basketball.
(v) Sports To tackle an opponent in ownership regarding the ball.
(v) to handle or deal with attempting to overcome or battle down
(v) to try to remove a ball
(v) to bring a ball carrier into floor
to add by tackle or tackling; make fast to some thing.
Specifically to affix; harness.
To ensnare, much like cords or tackle; entangle.

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UK slang: guys's genitals, the same as beef as well as 2 veg, frequently uttered utilizing the term 'wedding', for this reason 'wedding tackle'. 'guy Tackle' is also used, although not as typical. by LonReport definition
v. Lame-ass consultant speak typically employed by Accenture and Deloitte staff members, meaning "to undertake" one thing. by Ling LaidlawReport definition
Slang term for cocaine, a potent narcotic illegal generally in most of the world. by Celina BraswellReport definition
to hit on or go after a person (male or female) that one is enthusiastic about by Willy WittyReport definition
To hit somebody down by force. You run at them and end up in them. Happens a whole lot in football. by Briana BonacciReport definition
The act when trying getting a girl (utilized alot by football jocks) by MarcellaReport definition
a phrase covering genitals of both genders. by Clemmie CabanaReport definition

tackle in Sports Dictionary

whenever a new player wins the basketball from an opponent by intercepting it without committing a foul. The tackle from behind has recently already been banned on protection reasons, since has the sliding two-footed tackle. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
To stop a ball provider and force him to the ground. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
The player in possession of this baseball is taken to the bottom or the basketball is delivered to the floor by an opposing staff user. If the defending player features either of their knees on the floor or places along with another player, then he was successfully tackled and must provide the baseball up. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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  • Sentence for "tackle"
    • Without evidence that lead fishing tackle
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  • Quotes for "tackle"
  • Synonym for "tackle"
    • gear, harness, seize, grapple, attack
  • Verb Forms for "tackle"
    • tackled, tackles, tackling
  • Phrases for "tackle"
    • tackle seaborne, Nose tackle, tackle Korey, tackle box, pick-up tackle
  • Rhyme for "tackle"
    • Spackle, cackle, crackle, grackle, hackle
  • Hypernym for "tackle"
    • lineman, football play, aggress, attack, paraphernalia
  • Cross Reference for "tackle"
    • cordage, equipment, long-tackle block, forestay tackle, fore-and-aft tackle
  • Equivalent for "tackle"
    • tackle post
  • Form for "tackle"
    • spear tackle, grapple tackle
  • Same Context for "tackle"
    • winch, rig, implement, mast, gear
  • Variant for "tackle"
    • block and tackle
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