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(n) A short, light nail with a sharp point and a flat head.
(n) Nautical A rope for keeping along the weather condition clew of a course.
(n) Nautical A rope for hauling the outer reduced part of a studdingsail toward growth.
(v) To fasten or attach with or as though with a tack: tacked the carpeting down.
(v) To fasten or mark (cloth or a seam, for example) with a loose basting stitch.
(v) to construct loosely and arbitrarily: tacked some tales collectively so as to compose a novel.
(v) Nautical to improve the course or course of a vessel: stand-by to tack.
(v) Nautical to alter tack: The ship tacked to starboard.
(v) To change one's course of action.
(v) To nail with a tack (small nail with a flat head).
(v) To sew/stich with a tack (free seam accustomed briefly fasten pieces of cloth).
(v) To maneuver a sailing vessel in order that its bow converts through wind, in other words. the wind changes from 1 region of the vessel to another.
To fasten by tacks; join, connect, or secure by some minor or short-term fastening: because, to tack down a carpet; to tack up a curtain; to tack a shoe into the last; to tack parts of a garment along with pins or by basting preparatory to stitching.
to install by some binding force; make a junction or union of; connect; combine: as, to tack a rider to a legislative bill; to tack two leases together.
In metal-working, to participate (pieces) by small spots of solder placed at periods to carry them in position before the final soldering may be finished.

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North East england title for cannabis resin by Herbert DeesReport definition
another term for cannabis by Lajuana BoulterReport definition
A abbreviation of this terms 'tackle', frequently shouted with pleasure, denoting a well executed and company sliding tackle in professional development Soccer. The tackle must be potentially life saving (when it comes to conceeding a target) and frequently requires high risk if mis-timed (e.g. a tackle produced in the penalty area or from behind). by ErnestoReport definition
1. "thanks" in swedish2. whorey lady3. boy components :Pbut cannot state it as number 3 as you'll sound like a nerd. by Jenny NicolosiReport definition
any thing tacky. usually present in Florida present shops, especially quietly for the highway. generally includes puppies clothed as men and women or ornamental plates.also includes "folk art" created from seashells and people unsightly bracelets that include your name in it (if you're able to find your name.) by QuinnReport definition
Tack (letter).1. Tack - A crude method of saying cock, todger, cock and langer. by CristiReport definition

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The bottom forward spot of a sail where in actuality the luff and foot join. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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  • Sentence for "tack"
  • Synonym for "tack"
    • stain, tache, lease, confidence, reliance
  • Antonym for "tack"
    • wear
  • Verb Forms for "tack"
    • tacked, tacking, tacks
  • Phrases for "tack"
    • inflationary tack, tack saturation, tack moving, policy tack, tack that
  • Rhyme for "tack"
    • Adak, Black, Braque, Chirac, Jack
  • Hyponym for "tack"
    • thumbtack
  • Hypernym for "tack"
    • change of course, sew, stitch, run up, sew together
  • Cross Reference for "tack"
    • attach, add, nail, course, port tacks on board
  • Etymologically Related for "tack"
    • tacky
  • Form for "tack"
    • thumbtack, hardtack
  • Same Context for "tack"
    • nail, spur, pin, buckle, harness
  • Variant for "tack"
    • ship, sail
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