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(n) A ban or an inhibition caused by personal custom or mental aversion.
(n) A prohibition, especially in Polynesia along with other South Pacific countries, excluding something from usage, method, or mention due to the sacred and inviolable nature.
(n) An object, a word, or an act protected by these types of a prohibition.
(a) Excluded or forbidden from use, method, or mention: a taboo topic.
(a) omitted or prohibited from usage, approach or mention.
(a) Set apart or sacred by religious custom among particular races of Polynesia, brand new Zealand, etc., and forbidden to particular persons or utilizes; ergo, prohibited under severe penalties; interdicted.
(v) To exclude from use, method, or mention; place under taboo.
(v) To put under taboo; to forbid, or even to forbid the usage of; to interdict approach to, or use of.
(v) To mark as taboo.
(v) To ban.
(v) To avoid.
Among the Polynesians and other events associated with the South Pacific, separated or set apart either as forbidden or as sacred; placed under ban or prohibition; consecrated either to exclusion or avoidance or even to unique usage, regard, or service; hence, in English use, prohibited; interdicted.
To put under taboo; disallow, or forbid the employment of; interdict way of , or contact or intercourse with; thus, to ban, exclude, or ostracize by personal authority or social impact: as, to taboo making use of cigarette; a tabooed person or topic (one not to ever be pointed out or discussed).

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singer from black eyed peas that seems like a monkey with lengthy black colored oily locks by GilmaReport definition
a thing that may be out of the normal and goes contrary to the norm. Typically unspoken about and frequently frowned upon. May be a practice, tradition, person or thing. by CorneliusReport definition
a fantastic game produced by none other than Hasbro:Time is against you. You know what you may like to say in the event that you could just find the terms. But some thins in life are strictly ... TABOO.Example: how will you get team to state the word BIRTHDAY ... if you cannot say the language HAPPY, ANNIVERSARY, CANDLES, PRESENT or CAKE?You might state: "Friends and family sing for your requirements once each year," or "You celebrate this occasion by blowing out a fire above a frosted dessert." Or perhaps you might hum the popular tune until your staff shouts, "Birthday!"Each time your staff shouts from key term, you obtain a place. But be cautious! Your opponents are going to be looking over your neck, making certain that you do not state of FORBIDDEN words. Because if you do in addition they catch you, they sound the buzzed and score the idea!TABOO ...it's unspeakable fun. by Celina BraswellReport definition
something which is generally perhaps not talked about.A topic which makes people unforfortable like death, cancer, AIDS, son or daughter prostitution, inner family members rape... by Nilsa BogardReport definition
1. (initial definition) "Sacred" - some thing too sacred indeed for this to be allowed to be profaned by the common people.2. The precise opposite of Sacred - something which is too profane for the common herd! by DemarcusReport definition

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  • Synonym for "taboo"
    • interdiction, interdicted, inviolable, forbidden, forbiddance
  • Verb Forms for "taboo"
    • tabooed, tabooing
  • Phrases for "taboo"
    • taboo topic, taboo topics, taboo surrounding, somewhat taboo, almost taboo
  • Rhyme for "taboo"
    • Baku, Blue, Cebu, Chengdu, Chou
  • Hypernym for "taboo"
    • restrict, prejudice, preconception, bias, inhibition
  • Equivalent for "taboo"
    • sacred, impermissible
  • Form for "taboo"
    • tabooed, tabooing
  • Same Context for "taboo"
    • norm, mores, ritual, prohibition, conventions
  • Variant for "taboo"
    • tabu
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