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(n) A projection, flap, or brief strip mounted on an object to facilitate orifice, managing, or identification.
(n) a tiny, often attractive flap or tongue on a garment.
(n) A small auxiliary airfoil this is certainly attached with a larger one which assists stabilize an aircraft.
(v) To supply with a tab or tabs.
(v) To hit the tab on a typewriter or computer keyboard: Tab up to the next line.
(i) track Informal To observe carefully: let us track expenses.
(v) Mark with a tab.
(v) To use the Tab secret on a computer or typewriter to navigate the display screen or web page.
(v) Short for tabulate.

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an open purchase of items to be covered as a whole later, such products purchased from a bar.short for "tabulation". by Alease MeunierReport definition
1) Acid (LSD)2) Cigarettes in Newcastle-upon-Tyne by Enedina GamacheReport definition
students at Cambridge University.Derived from the latin acronym, "Cantab." which originates from "Universitas Cantabrium."Typically utilized as a term of derision by students at Oxford University, particularly in the context of a sporting occasion. by BobbieReport definition
Abbreviation for tablature, the chords and riffs for playing a song writen completely for guitar or bass. by OrvalReport definition
fashionable Asian BitchA woman who:- just shops at A/X, Bebe, Banana Republic and Club Monaco- just wears black and certainly will occasionally put on white to "mix it up"- will not consider a lot more than 105 pounds- never ever covered dinner at restaurants in her own life- is a makeup specialist, in fact, she seems totally perfect- never ever smiles in public- may be the object of desire of all Asian males and knows it- only dates Asian males and certainly will just date a boy with a pleasant car- is frequently seen with Rice-boys- will not travel alone. Constantly either in the organization of other tabs or yourRice-boy boyfriend by Star CarlbergReport definition

tab in Technology Dictionary

loss is the term utilized for aligning text in short processor by going the cursor to a predefined place. Its area of the part formatting function and in most cases carried out with help of loss secret or choices supplied when you look at the term processor. Tabs help in uniformly circulating the written text involving the margins and for indention. One loss is normally comparable to five regular areas. Loss can be called horizontal tab. by Leland FeitReport definition

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created from leather-based, the tab is put across fingers regarding drawstring hand to safeguard resistant to the string and aid a smooth release as soon as the arrow is fired. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • flap, tag
  • Verb Forms for "tab"
    • tabbed, tabbing, tabs
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    • menu, icon, button, dialog, format
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    • tabbing, tabbed, tag
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