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A Person who has dope swag. by Verla PauloReport definition
Swag-Master. Somebody who has an infinite amount of swag by Guillermina MclarenReport definition
Swag-ster: Taken from the basis word (swag), the exact opposite of a hipster, a swagster is one who brags about their swag and considers hims is kickbutt. Swagsters are more of a wannabe number of teenagers who are now living in the suburbs or a rich downtown location. They dress ghetto and think such a thing ghetto is cool. They've don’t have swag. Genuine swagsters don’t worry about swag and don’t even speak about it. Other individuals who mention swag in an ironic aren't swagsters, they truly are only making fun of these. Swagsters can be located chilling at wal mart or the regional city square. They do say they fancy hard-core rap but just hear mainstream rap music artists lil wayne. Additionally, they wear Taylor Gang garments and drink their mom’s booze by PatrickReport definition
embracing much swagger while subtly resembling a hipster. by DamienReport definition
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