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(v) to carry on to stay in someplace or condition: remain residence; remain calm.
(v) To remain or sojourn as a guest or lodger: stayed at a motel.
(v) to cease moving; halt.
(v) to quit or stop; check.
(v) To postpone; wait.
(v) To delay or end the result of (an order, like) by appropriate action or mandate: remain a prisoner's execution.
(n) The work of halting; check.
(n) The act of coming to a halt.
(n) A brief period of residence or viewing.
(i) remain placed to keep in a set or set up place.
(i) remain the course to carry aside or persist into the end of a race or challenge.
(v) To incline ahead, aft, or even to one part through stays.
(v) To tack; put-on the other tack.
(v) To change; tack; begin; maintain remains, as a ship.
(a) Steep; ascending.
(a) (of a roof) Steeply pitched.
(a) tough to negotiate; challenging to access; sheer.
(a) Steeply.
Naut: To incline forward, aft, or to one part by way of stays: because, to keep a mast.
To tack; wear the other tack: because, to remain ship.
Nautical, to improve tack; go about; be in stays, as a ship.

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where your home is. Implies a short-term living situation, (although it's aware of your parents for the very existence) by AbbeyReport definition
to constantly or continouously do something by Linette HaslerReport definition
constantly Doing some thing... by Laurene LenardReport definition
Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories' popular single. It really is widely known, quickly sung, and catchy enough to overpower any earworms currently lodged within brain. However, unlike most widely used songs that become earworms, Stay does not have a chorus. As a result, many people don't know all lyrics. They're going to find yourself performing two or four lines that they remember, often into the wrong purchase, and then get rapidly sick and tired of singing it.therefore, keep could be the ultimate earworm remedy. by Briana BonacciReport definition

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  • Synonym for "stay"
    • endure, support, withhold, restrain, stop
  • Verb Forms for "stay"
    • staid, stayed, staying, stays
  • Phrases for "stay"
    • stay afloat, stay indoors, stay away, stay with, stay in
  • Rhyme for "stay"
    • A, A., Bay, Bombay, Bua
  • Hyponym for "stay"
    • outstay, stick, linger
  • Hypernym for "stay"
    • stop, kibosh, block, halt, satisfy
  • Cross Reference for "stay"
    • continue, desist, to stay the stomach, slack in stays, to stay put
  • Equivalent for "stay"
    • hove in stays
  • Form for "stay"
    • stay-button, stay behind, stay up, the more things change, the more they stay the same, stay on
  • Same Context for "stay"
    • sojourn, wait, visit, residence, sober
  • Variant for "stay"
    • ship
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