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Spling is a term when it comes to doobage or the doobie also called spliff and also by many people even combined by LarryReport definition
comes from the present location factory incident. Spling is a word used to explain a quizmonkey, often based in the depths of garden centers across the coastline. A spling can be purchased for approximately £70 from your regional chin store, and in most cases include a totally free nobshock or chinstrap. by Breann RemleyReport definition
Flashy precious jewelry worn in combination with Speedo cycling attire. by Pearlie ParnellReport definition
To smoke illegal substances.Also regarded in cash situations. i.e as report. by Star CarlbergReport definition
To laugh completely loud.Derivation: Believed to have evolved through the even more popularL.O.L. 'Spring Roll' --> 'Spling Lol' --> 'Spling'Often made use of as graffiti on official parking indications in London, rendering all of them invalid - AKA "Rathboning" by Verla PauloReport definition
whenever life feels as though a movie. by Jennie MylesReport definition
Science bling. Chromed out sweet items of science that can be used on a string or sequence. by Star CarlbergReport definition
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