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whenever crap drops from a distance great sufficient so , as it pertains in touch with the surface of the water in toilet bowl water, and whatever is in it, splashes and hits your ass, ergo splashback by Clemmie CabanaReport definition
1. Whenever you drop a doogan in bathroom and it also hits at such a force that water splashes up on your cheeks and/or anus.2. Once you remain too close to a urinal while urinating and urine splashes right back onto your shoes and/or legs. by Rachael CriderReport definition
water that increases your butt once you start a turd on to the bathroom bowl. by TiffanieReport definition
sort of toilet tsunami. Dropping a turd from a height which hits water, causing a tidalw trend within the cooking pan which in turn sploshes the water over your arsecrack.. Its bad with regards to takes place is likely to toilet - Its worse when it occurs in a public one. by Dannie ShahidReport definition
when you're taking a dump while the deployement of one's little bit of crap makes the lavatory liquid splash straight up to your butt, frequently in your ass-hole. by MelanyReport definition
A phenomenon which defies all understood real rules when, no matter size, thickness, height, force and slope, a dump fires bogwater skywards and hits the victim directly within the butthole or genitals.Generally does occur only after you have already pissed inside it. by RodolfoReport definition
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