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(n) A soft, light, extremely malleable silver-white metallic element that reacts explosively with water, is naturally rich in connected types, particularly in common salt, and is utilized in the production of a wide variety of industrially essential compounds. Atomic quantity 11; atomic weight 22.99; melting point 97.8°C; boiling point 892°C; specific gravity 0.971; valence 1. See Table at element.
(n) A soft, waxy, silvery reactive metal which never ever found unbound in the wild, and a chemical element (logo Na) with an atomic number of 11 and atomic weight of 22.98977.
(n) a standard metallic section of the alkali team, in nature constantly occuring combined, as in common salt, in albite, etc. It is separated as a soft, waxy, white, unstable material, so very reactive that it integrates violently with liquid, and also to be maintained must certanly be held under petroleum or some comparable liquid. Salt is employed combined in many salts, into the free condition as a reducer, and also as an easy method of obtaining other metals (as magnesium and aluminum) is a vital commercial item. Symbolization Na (Natrium). Atomic fat 22.990. Specific-gravity 0.97.

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A violent normal substance ( Na ) which combined with chlorine becomes sodium chloride, a.k.a sodium. Sodium tends to make a small explosion with liquid as hydrogen interacts because of the compounds of sodium, and producing some Salt Hydroxide ( NaOH )Sodium, also hydroscopic is a caustic compound, never dream of losing it on you. Should anyone ever bought a tiny microscope it comes down with a petrified test of salt. CANNOT EAT by CassieReport definition
it's a element in the piriotic dining table by Berniece MatousekReport definition
a feature, getting the sign "Na", which arises from the latin word "Natrium".Commonly bonded with Chlorine ions (chloride) by means of dining table sodium. by NamReport definition
A semi-covert method of talking about the quality of another person's derriere. Produced by the chemical representation for Sodium, Na. (great Ass) by Carmella HuckinsReport definition

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The major positive-ion (cation) when you look at the substance surrounding cells within the body. The substance notation for sodium is Na+. When salt is coupled with chloride, the resulting substance is a crystal known as dining table salt. Excess nutritional salt is largely excreted within the urine, but way too much salt within the diet will raise the hypertension. A lot of or too little sodium inside blood (called hypernatremia or hyponatremia correspondingly) can cause cells to breakdown, and extremes could be deadly. Typical bloodstream salt level is 135'145 milliEquivalents/liter (mEq/L) or 135'145 millimoles/liter (mmol/L) in international units. by Elmira TorbertReport definition

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