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(n) An advocate of socialism.
(n) an associate of a political celebration or team that advocates socialism.
(n) a person who techniques or supporters socialism.
(a) Of, advertising, or exercising socialism.
(a) Of, owned by, or constituting a socialist party or governmental team.
(a) Of, advertising, practicing, or feature of socialism.
Of, related to, or attribute of socialism or its supporters; relating to or favoring socialism: since, a socialist blogger.

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one who does not believe in a society centered on chance, where for example those created into wide range need much better lifestyle circumstances than those created into poverty. Might or cannot agree with communistic thoughts. by Pok CuadraReport definition
someone who thinks inside axioms of socialism. Crucial amongst these may be the belief when you look at the tasks of this state into person therefore the individual towards the condition. In socialism energy rests with the state together with individual's rights tend to be 2nd to those of the mass of men and women, their state. These principles are found in a lot of countries around the world, some example nations tend to be Britian, Germany, France, Japan, Israel and Australia (these coutries are joined by many other individuals). A notable non-socialist nation is The united states (although socilaim isn't anti-american, simply anti impoverishment and corruption, so america just is when you look at the shooting line)where the followers associated with republican party are keen to denounce socialist principles as communist (these are typicallyn't) and protray socialism as providing enterprising individuals money to people who do not work. This common myth is partly responasible for United states's world-beating selfishness plus the presence within that nation of places so poor these are generally reduced HDI than areas of India. by MaxwellReport definition
someone who thinks in an equal and communally advantageous system of government. An individual who supports such tips as:*Public Health-care*Regulated financial marketplace (no monopolies- therefore more choice when it comes to public)*A smaller rich/poor divide.*a usually greater taxation price in return for top quality public solutions and transportation etc.on the politcal compass- they can be based in the bottom left quadrant.Capitalist= Right WingSocialist= Left Wingcommonly mis-associated with a communist by Wenona MurielReport definition
1. (Noun) someone who embrace some or all the some ideas of Marx.Common political agendas feature:Redistribution of wealth (from rich to poor), social safety, no-cost education & health, strengthening of labour unions.Socialists will often have less orthodox oppinions than communists, though a person can be both. A socialist will usually distance himself from communist dictators like Stalin, and alternatively claim respect on initial some ideas of Marx and Lenin.Unlike a communist, a socialist need not is an atheist.2. (Verb) caused by a country thought to have a socialist system. This is often mistaken for communism, which based on Marx is a system in which true equality occur, therefore the state were made unneccesary. Many socialist agree that no country have had a truely communist regime. by Victor KieserReport definition
existing definition: social-democrat; democratic socialistA individual who thinks in a socialist doctrine within a free of charge community. Believes that the condition has a responsibility to its folks and must provide certain legal rights such health and training. Thinks in the equivalence of humanity regardless of battle, religion, intercourse, sex identity, intimate positioning, etc. so long as these bear no damage on other individuals. Realizes that life isn't reasonable or just monochrome which the poor are not always "lazy", as conservatives tell hold their particular ill-gotten gains. Often empathetic those who would like to assist their particular kin in place of seeing all of them rot.Not is confused with democrat. Anyone with an ounce of governmental understanding would understand they're not comparable when you look at the least.Antonyms: republican, neoliberal, united states, asshole by LonReport definition
a person being just who believes the many good state of affairs is for several getting a good chance at monetary sucess. This belief just isn't motivated by his or her own selfishness as a capitalist will have you think, but is in fact an honorable huge difference of opinion. Into the 1930's farmers when you look at the middle western had been plowing their particular corn under given that it ended up being unprofitable, and at once hundreds of thousands across The united states were starving. Capitalists see this as reasonable, while socialists think it is abhorrent. In a nutshell, socialism is approximately manufacturing for use, not revenue. by JodiReport definition
an individual who follows the commercial a few ideas of socialism. Socialists have confidence in people managing the products they produce. For example, a land owner in main The united states tends to make their money by simply owning land, and employs employees to operate. The employees harvest the crops and do-all the physical work. He pays all of them a dollar everyday, sells the crop and makes thousands just about every day, just for buying the land. The socialist model would do away with the owner and also have the workers control the land, they would collectively have and distrubution associated with the plants. Socialism does address the worlds current sitituation where seven wealthiest men and women on the planet do have more money than the earth's poorest thirty nations. Socialism does believe in the equal circulation of wide range, which is its primary tenet. by Ian HaoReport definition

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