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(v) To spread or daub with a sticky, oily, or dirty compound.
(v) to use by dispersing or daubing: smeared suntan lotion to my face and arms.
(v) To stain by or just as if by distributing or daubing with a sticky, oily, or dirty material.
(v) is or be stained or dirtied.
(n) A mark produced by smearing; an area or blot.
(n) A substance become spread on a surface.
(n) Biology an example, by blood or microbial cells, spread on a slide for microscopic assessment or on top of a culture medium.
(v) To spread (a substance, especially one that tints or perhaps is dirty) across a surface by massaging.
(v) having a substance smeared on (a surface).
(v) To damage someone's reputation by slandering, misrepresenting, or perhaps making untrue accusations about an individual, their particular statements, or their actions.
To overspread with cream; anoint.
To overspread thickly, irregularly, or perhaps in blotches with everything unctuous, viscous, or glue; besmear; daub.
To overspread too thickly, particularly into violation of good flavor; paint, or otherwise decorate with something put on a surface, in a manner that is overdone or tawdry.

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A famous Los Angeles tagger switched gallery singer. He started killing the roads of LA difficult in 1997 and it has been painting canvas since about 2005. He is already been showcased in numerous Los Angeles instances articles, one of which revealed their identity (Cristian Gheorghiu) to your public after an extremely publicized graffiti arrest last year. by AshaReport definition
A tiny fart you can't hear however it still smells. This is a noun or a verb. by MaxwellReport definition
to strike someones reputation with untrue information, to defame somebody by Dusty KohenReport definition
smear....... hard to clarify but its CRAZY a parody on mtvs anxiety designers, josh cohne kyle obrien and aj perotti, 3 pimped ouit jedi knights by Briana BonacciReport definition
Cocaine, baking soda, and liquid mixed up on a sheet of foil after that smeared across the foil and smoked. by EmanuelReport definition
getting smart in a biddy's unmentionables. ie: for a male to position their face in the almost region of a female's genitalia, and "get it damp". by FranceneReport definition

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  • Synonym for "smear"
    • contaminate, pollute, oinment, daub, stain
  • Verb Forms for "smear"
    • smeared, smearing, smears
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    • Pap smear, Republican-style smear, smear tactics, homophobic smear, vicious smear
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    • Bombardier, Chevalier, Clear, Deere, Fear
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    • defamation, hatchet job, calumniation, obloquy, traducement
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    • anoint, smeared dagger
  • Same Context for "smear"
    • splotch, smudge, blob, speck, streak
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