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lady: to smack a woman's breast from part at a sensitive time.man: to smack the pinnacle of a person's cock after sex. by Leighann GalvezReport definition
How snails move. Since they don't operate, slip or slither. So they really slunder, which will be all three. by TeodoroReport definition
the work of "sliding under" particularly a desk or dining table. Usually takes place in during exceedingly dull lectures or by young children attempting to make a sneaky get-away from dinning table. by Danae VanallenReport definition
The verb "to slunder" means to soil, spoil in a dirty means, make grimy or filthy - but in a non-physical way (see instances). It originates from "slander", therefore the "un" which can be changed originated both from a desire to incorporate "under" to the term - or, more likely, to utilise the un noise from cunt - and so capture a number of the foulness of this, the absolute most bad of words. by CassieReport definition
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