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(v) to cope with hastily, negligently, or with poor product: focused on reelection, skimping various other issues.
(v) to supply for or provide inadequately; be stingy with: accused them of skimping defense funding.
(v) To slight; to complete carelessly; to scamp.
(v) become stingy or really thrifty.
(v) to save lots of; becoming parsimonious or niggardly.
(a) Scanty; skimpy.
(a) Scanty.
(a) Scanty.
(v) To slight; to-do negligently; to scamp.
(v) which will make inadequate allowance for; to scant; to scrimp.
(v) to truly save; to be parsimonious or stingy.
(n) A skimpy or insubstantial thing, specially a bit of clothing.
(n) Undies.
To deal scant measure to; offer with a meager or inadequate allowance: as, to skimp a person when it concerns food.
to offer in scant or inadequate amount; give or deal out sparingly; stint: since, to skimp fabric or food.
To scamp; small; do superficially or carelessly: as, to skimp work.

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1. definition somebody who thinks they have been way cooler than they actually are.2. an individual who gets with whoever they could by Cynthia PressReport definition
to offer not as much as is expected. by Berniece MatousekReport definition
A person who tries their hardest to mooch off of pals, family, etc. This act of 'skimping' may be completed in various different ways such as for example forcing people to provide you with trips, seeking visitors to purchase you and only never paying all of them back, and probably someone's house and consuming their meals. Skimps are infamously recognized for never ever saying thank-you. Somebody just isn't a skimp if men and women OFFER these services and therefore are pleased to get it done. by BrigidaReport definition
to give smaller than the best quantity by HankReport definition

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    • scant, scrimp, save, scanty, economies
  • Verb Forms for "skimp"
    • skimped, skimping, skimps
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    • skimp on, don't skimp, saying skimp, to skimp, not skimp
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    • work, restrict, furnish, provide, supply
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    • skimpy, skimpily
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