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(n) The work of sliding or slipping over a surface, often laterally.
(n) A plank, log, or wood, generally certainly one of moobs, used as a support or as a track for sliding or rolling heavy objects.
(n) A pallet for running or dealing with products, specially one having solid sideboards and no base.
(v) To slip sideways while going as a result of loss of grip: The truck skidded on a patch of ice. See Synonyms at fall.
(v) To slip without revolving: rims skidding on oily pavement.
(v) to maneuver laterally in a turn considering inadequate banking. Used of an airplane.
(v) To brake (a wheel) with a skid.
(v) To haul on a skid or skids.
(v) to safeguard or support with a skid or skids; in addition, resulting in to go on skids.
(v) To slide in an uncontrolled fashion as in an automobile using brake system used too much.
(v) to guard or support with a skid or skids.
(v) To cause to maneuver on skids.
to put or move ahead a skid or skids.
to aid in the form of skids.
to check on with a skid, as rims in going down-hill.

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A script kiddie; one which doesn't know how to program; usually made use of as internet slang for "retarded" by Dannie ShahidReport definition
Skid: (letter.) A skid is theoretically a person who life on the margins of community an shuns normal personal contact.But people frequently only put it to use to defines punks and metalheads. by LacyReport definition
A human of real nature having a volatile commitment using the world that's typically "cool" but can explode into madness. by AshaReport definition
usually somebody with notably bad health habits, using shirts marketing for groups particularly Slipknot, with a distinct odor, just who smokes a good deal of marijuana, specially marijuana lent from other individuals. by KimberyReport definition
Those oily kids just who constantly come and trash "normal people parties". Frequently involved with drugs and alcohol and mainly cigarettes. Step one to being a skid is doubting the very fact you may be actually one. The typical skid has financial dilemmas and perhaps doesn't have parents (that could contribute to skid behavior and lack of parenting). Greater part of the skids simply take general public transit or discover strange locations to hold on at late hours of this night lurking the streets. School just isn't one thing a skid enjoys so that they often attend in impact or not whatsoever. A man outfit of a skid usually includes: white wife beaters or baggy jerseys, with baggy jeans and artificial ed sturdy. The feminine attire of a skid frequently includes: either dressing very slutty/unclassy or dressing extremely sloppy with clothes that barely pass your ass cheeks or torn sweatpants with dirty spots all-around them and skater shoes. Skids in addition have trouble with hygiene and keep on their own clean. These are typically one-step up from a hobo and prefer to take things for cash. Skids seem rebellious and attempting to begin unnecessary fights, have problems finding tasks because they are all street rats. Skids often travel in packages of 5-6 and carry numerous STI's. SAY NO TO SKIDS by Sherman MatlockReport definition

skid in Sports Dictionary

whenever a motor vehicle's tires lock-up and slip regarding track area. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
When a car's wheel locks up-and slides on the track. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
When a bike's wheels lock up and slide. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
When a bike's wheel locks up-and slides regarding the track. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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  • Synonym for "skid"
    • drag, skidpan, side-slip, slid
  • Verb Forms for "skid"
    • skidded, skidding, skids
  • Phrases for "skid"
    • freezy skid, chopper's skid, controlled skid, rail skid, skid off
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    • Cid, Kid, Kidd, Kyd, Madrid
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    • slew, slip, slue, slide, elevate
  • Cross Reference for "skid"
    • spiked skid, to skid up
  • Form for "skid"
    • skidded, skidding, skid mark, on the skids
  • Same Context for "skid"
    • rotor, axle, brake
  • Variant for "skid"
    • skidding, skidded, pallet, side-slip
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