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(n) the capacity to see.
(n) The work or reality of seeing: longing for a sight of land; caught sight of an uncommon bird.
(n) Field of sight.
(v) To view with the eyes; get sight of: sighted land after 40 days at ocean.
(v) to see or watch through a sight or an optical tool: sight a target.
(v) to regulate the places of (a rifle, like).
(v) To direct a person's look; look carefully.
(v) To simply take aim: sighted across the barrel of this firearm.
(v) To take aim by a sight.
(i) on picture Immediately upon being seen: threatened to take looters on picture.
(i) away from picture Slang Remarkable; incredible: The graduation party was regarding picture.
(i) sight for sore eyes Informal One whom its a relief or pleasure to see.
(v) To visually register.
(v) to have sight of (anything).
(v) To simply take aim at.
in the future coming soon or get picture of; bring into view, particularly into a person's own view, as by strategy or by search; make visually noticeable to a person's self: as, to sight land; to picture online game.
To simply take a sight of; make an observation of, specifically with a musical instrument: as, to sight a star.
In com., presenting to sight; bring under notice: because, to sight a bill (that's, presenting it towards drawee for acceptance).

sight in Community Dictionary

A vision, just how a mind sees society. by Wynona StalzerReport definition
Understanding, to comprehend to agree by CarieReport definition
Saying "you sight?" indicates "You know what after all?" by Wynell SaltzReport definition
1. A single's vision.2. A place it's possible to view. by YoshikoReport definition

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  • Sentence for "sight"
  • Quotes for "sight"
  • Synonym for "sight"
    • vision, representation, show, exhibition, view
  • Verb Forms for "sight"
    • sighted, sighting, sights
  • Phrases for "sight"
    • plain sight, lose sight, sight unseen, sight seers, eerie sight
  • Rhyme for "sight"
    • Bright, Dwight, Knight, Night, White
  • Hyponym for "sight"
    • telescopic sight
  • Hypernym for "sight"
    • direct, aim, take, train, take aim
  • Cross Reference for "sight"
    • on, bill at sight, in sight, natural line of sight, point of sight
  • Equivalent for "sight"
    • rear sight
  • Form for "sight"
    • sighted, sighting
  • Same Context for "sight"
    • appearance, vision, sound, view, shape
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