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from purple versus blue contrary to everyday opinion a shisno is not only a "poop's poop" but could be called at somebody meaning anything.MOM:here you go child your favourite cookies!"KID: thanks a lot mother, your such a shisno!"ORKID 1:wow kid your these types of a shisno!"KID 2:what the hell is a shisno?"you may NEVER inform a person just what a shisno is, they need to find themselves without help. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
an extremely foul-smelling animal who has shit that shits unique shit! Maybe not entirely on World. by Hortencia DaileyReport definition
A word for person designed because of the aliens in red vs. blue that means an animal like a skunk (or other smelly animal) that defecates, when it defecates the excrement converts around and defecates.For simpler definition please see Red vs. Blue event 54 entitled "Hello i am Andrew" on Red Vs. Blue .com. This event is under period 3. by Librada OlvedaReport definition
Q. What's the most foul-smelling pet in your planet?A. A skunk.Q. Does a skunk defecate?A. Yes.Q. And does the skunk's defecation consequently produce unique excrement?A. Ew, no.Q. Then there's no equivalent for shisno within language.www.redvsblue.com by ArnoldoReport definition
a person who is inferior compared to both you and it is the stupidest life type when you look at the world. Moreover it ensures that they defecate like a skunk but additionally its defecation creates it's own excreement. by HankReport definition
An insulting alien word, that they make use of interchangeably between an insult and "human" (the destroyer of the battle) by GeneviveReport definition
Shisno is lowest of the many most affordable organisms in the universe, no. 1 through the bottom. No one can comprehend Shisno, as it's always mad and raging and chatting gibberish. by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
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