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(n) work in responsibilities or benefit another, for a government: has been around the company's solution for fifteen years.
(n) A government part or division and its staff members: the diplomatic service.
(n) The military of a nation: joined the service following university.
(v) To make fit for use; change, fix, or preserve: service a car.
(v) to produce services to.
(v) to create interest payments on (a debt).
(a) Of or relating to the military of a country.
(a) Intended for use within supplying or offering: a site elevator; the service entrance.
(a) providing fixes or upkeep: a site guarantee; a road service area.
(i) at (someone's) solution prepared to assist or be useful.
(i) be of solution to-be willing to assist or be of good use.
(v) To serve.
(v) to execute maintenance.
(v) To perform a sexual work.
A name given to a few timber associated with the genus Pyrus, as Pyrus domestica and P. torminalis of Europe, various species of hill ash or rowan tree, additionally the American shad bush (see Shad bush, under shad). Obtained clusters of little, delicious, applelike berries.
Used ordinarily and every day, as distinguished from use under unusual conditions or in an emergency.

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Prostitute intercourse. by Reyna RymerReport definition
v. doing any one of numerous intercourse acts by EltonReport definition
having intercourse with a lady by DeloraReport definition
1.To fuck. Via the horse reproduction industry in which "service" is a euphemism for bringing the stud to install the mare. Just like tupping in sheep breeding. 2. having intercourse with a mardy bitch to keep the woman delighted, as in a mechanic servicing a car to help keep it running well. by Hilde ColemanReport definition
a word found in the potblack home wen ppl are now being douchebags by Danilo SensabaughReport definition
1. The act of showing somebody up in basketball by WilfordReport definition

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The act of placing the basketball into play to begin with a rally. The right to provide very first is decided by the spin of a racket. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
The service is the chance that begins a play or rally. If the server is providing even points (e.g. 2, 4, 6), he must stand-in the right-hand 1 / 2 of his solution judge; as soon as the host is offering odd things, he must stand-in the left-hand one half. In increases, the non-server can stand anywhere on his region of the web. The receiver mustn't go before the host features served. The server must: keep both players apart while offering, as must the receiver while receiving; be inside the boundaries regarding the solution judge, coming in contact with no lines; hit the root of the shuttle very first; make initial connection with the shuttle below the host's waistline; have all the racket's mind obviously underneath the hand that holds the shuttle currently of contact; offer in a consistent movement. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
accustomed start a rest. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
provider is decided because of the toss of a coin. The host when it comes to very first game additionally acts first-in the 3rd game. Before every solution the host calls the rating, giving his very own score initially. He may not serve until their adversary is ready. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • office, benefit, avail
  • Antonym for "service"
    • capital, good
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    • serviced, services, servicing
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    • 서비스
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    • business, system, plan, train, duty
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    • shad, serve
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